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Mot de passe 
Mot de passe oublié ?




Since rapid transit in Turkish cities is still being developed, a dolmuş is often the only alternative. Dolmuş drivers have a reputation for being aggressive, fearless and rude; and driving dangerously fast without paying attention to traffic rules. However, a dolmuş ride is also considered the only reliable form of rapid transit in Istanbul, and the only form of mass transit running 24 hours a day in Turkey.


Inter-City Coaches

The most popular means of internal travel in Turkey is coach. Roads are in good condition and as well as air-conditioned coaches, there are very good resting resort en route where coaches stop for breaks. Prices are reasonable and many private companies provide frequent day and night services between all Turkish cities. Coaches depart from the bus station (otogar) in large towns, and from the centre of the town in smaller cities.


It is not necessary to pre-book coach journeys of up to 5 hours duration; however we strongly recommend that reservations are made for longer journeys. During the main tourist season between June and September, and public holidays, reservations are essential for all journeys.



Mehmet Ünal