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Let's surf on the turkish major events

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Aydinli becomes Pierre Cardin's Main License Holder [En savoir plus]

 Cat : GT NEWS, GT ACT, GW NEWS, General, SHOPPING 05/2006

Aydinli became the main licensor of Pierre Cardin in Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Bulgaria as well as Turkey. The partnership contract covers 21 different sectors such as men's and women's ready-wear, cosmetics, socks, underwear, home textile and china. [En savoir plus]

| 2425 Lectures

2007 Declared 'International Rumi Year' [En savoir plus]

 Cat : GT NEWS, GT MANIF, GW NEWS, GW MANIF, General 03/2006

United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), evaluating the Culture and Tourism Ministry’s offer, has decided to commemorate the 800th birthday of Mevlana Jalaladdin-i Rumi, a prominent mystic of Islam, in all member countries.[En savoir plus]

| 1637 Lectures

Financial Times praises " Istanbul Modern" museum [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GT MANIF, GT NEWS 02/2006

One of the leading newspapers in Britain, Financial Times, issued a comprehensive article about Istanbul Modern Museum. [En savoir plus]

| 1493 Lectures

Intellectuals to discuss ‘Military, Society and Conscientious Objection’ [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GT ACT, GT NEWS 02/2006

The statement noted that openly discussing conscientious objection offers a chance to deepen and spread the current criticism of the military, already being discussed by different segments of society[En savoir plus]

| 1662 Lectures

Doğan Holding signs agreement with mail2web.com [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GT ACT, GT NEWS 02/2006

mail2web.com, a world-wide application provider for consumers and businesses and a brand of Softcom Technology Consulting Inc., today announced a strategic alliance with Turkey's media giant, Dogan Media Group.[En savoir plus]

| 1768 Lectures

Turkey Hits Bottom of Doctors List in Europe [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GT NEWS 02/2006

The Turkish Physicians Union, TTB, is opposed to Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s proposal to bring in medical doctors from abroad. Annually, 4500 students graduate from medical faculties, making the yearly rise in the number of Turkish physicians 3,000. [En savoir plus]

| 1544 Lectures

Erdoğan and Spanis PM Zapatero issue call for common sense [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GW ACT, GW NEWS, GW MANIF, GT ACT, GT MANIF, GT NEWS 02/2006

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Spanish Prime Minister Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, two leaders of the UN Alliance of Civilizations initiative, released a letter yesterday to calm the tension caused by cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed.[En savoir plus]

| 1703 Lectures

Arrest over Turkey priest killing [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GW NEWS, GT ACT, GT NEWS, GT MANIF, GW ACT 02/2006

After a major manhunt, police detained a 16-year-old high school student early on Tuesday morning. A gun was seized at the house they raided.[En savoir plus]

| 1593 Lectures

Priest's murder sparks press anguish [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GW NEWS, GW ACT, GT NEWS, GT ACT 02/2006

Turkish newspapers fear the murder of an Italian priest in the northern town of Trabzon on Sunday may have damaged Turkey's standing in the eyes of the world. Some commentators hope the killing is not linked to the furore in the Muslim world over the cartoons satirising the prophet Muhammad.[En savoir plus]

| 1665 Lectures

Shooting kills priest in Trabzon, Turkey [En savoir plus]

 Cat : General, GW ACT, GW NEWS, GT ACT, GT NEWS 02/2006

It was unclear if the shooting was connected to widespread Muslim outrage over cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad. [En savoir plus]

| 1656 Lectures
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