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Theodore Rooselvelt will visit Marmaris

US Navy aircraft carrier with 5000 military personal on board is expected to visit Marmaris in February. Bars, restaurants, hotels are getting ready for the event.

Thedore Rooselvelt one of the biggest US Navy aircraft carrier is expected to be in Marmaris on 19 February.


She has an over all lenght of 332 m and displacement 91,300 Tons and carries 90 aircraft. Due to her size, she will not be able to dock but will anchor in the bay.


For ship to land and return transportation will be provided by daily excursion boats.


Despite duration of visit being unknown it is expected that especially bars, restaurants and hotels will have a good time.   



Ship Specifications

Displacement 91,300 Tons, Dimensions, 1088' (oa) x 134' x 37' 8" (Max)

Armament 3 Sea Sparrow-SAM, Starting with CVN-70 4 20mm CIWS, 90 Aircraft.
Armor, Unknown.
Machinery, 260,000 SHP; 2 Westinghouse (A4W) Reactors Driving Geared Turbines, 4 screws
Speed, 35+ Knots,

Crew 5617.

Operational and Building Data

Built by Newport News. Laid down 31 October 1981, launched 27 October 1984, commissioned 25 October 1986.

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