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The story


We have been numerous, for some for more than 16 years in Turkey. Sometimes we, as yachtmen and foreigners, lived the same situations and met all many difficulties:

to find good information to carry out our administrative and customs steps,

to quickly carry out under good conditions our purchases.

to find the service providers to ensure the maintenance of our boats, qualified and reasonable as for the invoiced price, difficult to make the difference between a good and bad workshop, we are often apprehensive to utilize a workshop which can prove to be inefficient and avid to earn money.  However of good workshops, professionals and qualified, reasonable as for the invoiced price, there are the numerous ones in Turkey.


We would have also liked throughout our stay:


to know a place or a telephone number where we could find assistance to solve simple situations, due only to one problem of comprehension or sometimes to a more serious problem requiring a good knowledge of the procedures to be implemented to act effectively and quickly.

to have a space of exchange of information to remain and sail au.fil.de.l'.eau, quite informed:  the magic splits, restaurants not to be missed and those to avoid, ballades to be made, the unsuspected sites to discover which make Turkish coast an exceptional and hospital place.


This situation is even truer for the yachtmen which discover Turkey for the first time.


It is of this report and thanks to the encouragements and the real supports of yachtmen that was born in the current one from the summer 2004, the idea of the club Nokta Yachting.

Our objectives

To work with the Turkish administrations and institutions which develop nautical tourism to be able to transmit to the yachtmen information exact and useful to their administrative and customs steps and with their everyday life during their stay.

To select professionals of the yachting in various specialities, qualified professionals, who commit themselves working within the framework of "the quality chart of  Nokta Yachting ".

To surround itself by multilingual collaborators, being able to assist the yachtman in its steps and to answer its questions.

To create a guide of the Turkish coast with the assistance of the local population, administrations and with the participation of all the members of the club Nokta Yachting. Turkey is a very hospital country, our objective is to make you share our knowledge of the country and our experiments.

To set up of the relays "Nokta Yachting " in the villages and of the agencies in the cities. It is with - to say to create a structure of assistance to the yachtman all along the Turkish coast, that it is on a pier out of wooden in a small bay or moored in a more significant port.

To develop the Web site  "www.nokta-yachting.com" in several languages (German, English, French, Turkish) to facilitate the access to information and to create a place of exchange between members of the club.


The experiment undertaken since more than three year, showed us that this project corresponds to real waiting as well of the yachtmen, as professionals of the yachting and tourism. It is a real encouragement to be persevered in this direction