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The story

We are a group of sailors and most of us have lived in Turkey for at least sixteen years. As a yachtsman and a foreigner we have experienced similar situations and recognise the many difficulties incurred obtaining correct information:


to carry out administrative and customs formalities

to do our general daily shopping at reasonable prices.

to find the right service providers. Without local knowledge, the distinction between good and bad is difficult to determine and we also sometimes commissioned inappropriate ones. As a result of our experiences we know the competent and qualified service providers whose quality meets our complete satisfaction at reasonable prices.


It would also have been useful to :


know a telephone number or address to find assistance in solving simple problems that have arisen out of a misunderstanding, or even serious ones requiring good knowledge of the procedures to be implemented effectively and quickly.

have a means of exchanging information in order to remain safe and secure at sea, to be informed of the magical bays, restaurants not to be missed and those to avoid, short trips to be made to discover the unexpected sites which make the Turkish coast an exceptional and hospitable place.


We feel these details are of utmost importance to the yachtsman coming to Turkey for the first time.


Thus the concept of Nokta Yachting Club was born in the summer of 2004 with encouragements and supports of yachtsmen.

Our objectives:


to create a useful source of information available to yachtsmen for administrative, customs and every day life during their stay, liaising with the Turkish administrative offices and institutions to develop nautical tourism.

to select qualified professionals in various fields who commit themselves to work within the framework of ‘Nokta Yachting Quality Chart'.

to find multilingual partners to assist the yachtsmen in answering questions and solving their problems.

to create a guide of the Turkish coast with the assistance of local people, administrative bodies and with the participation of all the members of the Nokta Yachting Club. Turkey is a very hospitable country. Our objective is to invite you to share our knowledge of the country and our experiences.

to set up the network of Nokta Yachting Relays in villages and agencies in cities to provide help to yachtsmen all along the Turkish coast, either moored in a small bay or a significant port.

to develop the webite ww.nokta-yachting.com in several languages (English, German, French and Turkish) to facilitate an information platform between members of the Club.


Over the past year our experience has shown that this project will fulfill an unmet need for visiting yachtsmen as well as the professionals in the yachting and tourism industry. We are sure you will agree that this is a very worthwhile project.