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As a boat owner all you have to do is visit our office in person and apply. For an annual fee of 100 Euros a Membership Card will be issued, valid for the yacht’s owner, co-owners, families and crews, enabling you all to benefit from all our services and the services offered by our tradesmen with whom we have negotiated discounted prices.


You will have the assurance of knowing that qualified professionals committed to the "Nokta Yachting Quality Chart" are at your service, either to fix or to offer their professional advice for your problems.

You will be able to contact Nokta Yachting for advice on any questions regarding administrative, custom procedure or other legal issues. You may simply ask for and get precise information, or you can leave the matter in our capable hands to resolve for you.

Thanks to your membership of Nokta Yachting Club, you will benefit from the special rates available to us from many sources without having to bargain or negotiate for e.g. from ship-chandlers, sailmakers, restaurants, hospitals, car-hire firms, airport transfers, taxis etc.


As a member of the Club you will have the benefit of all the facilities that we have set up along the coast :

Nokta Yachting Relay in villages along the coast

You will have access to The Coast Guide (available only to our members) containing interesting and sometimes critical information to enable you to sail safely along the Turkish coast.

Its contents include information regarding:

Administrative and legal formalities

Nokta Yachting Relay bases

Magical bays


Interesting routes

Emergency contact numbers of doctors, local police, etc.


You will belong to a Club evolved especially for sailors who believe in sharing their knowledge and expertise. There is a special section where you can share and exchange your ideas, knowledge and experiences and also be informed of Turkish and international yachting news and related topics.


As time goes by our project will expand, increasing the list of advantages. The more members we have the more services we will be able to obtain at even more discounts. You will quickly see how your membership brings many benefits whilst feeling secure, supported and informed during your stay in Turkey.