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New Procedure for Yachts entering Turkey

Further to our News of 11.4.2009


The Transitlog can now only be activated through the Internet and only after Harbour Dues (For yachts with 11 NRT and more), Lighthouse Dues (for yachts with 30 NRT and more) have been paid in. Two days ago attempts to the contrary resulted in the cancellation of the almost complete document by the Harbourmaster.


Although there is still some confusion prevailing, our preliminary understanding of the procedure is as follows:


1) Obtain a Transitlog Form, as usual, from the Chamber of Seatrade, from a Marina or from an Agent. The costs of the form have not changed.


2) Register your data at the web site designated to that purpose. Obtain a registration number. Web site is in Turkish and a Turkish Citizency Number or an Agency Code is required.


3) If vessel is over 11 NRT place "Harbour Dues/ Port of Entry Tax". The amount is minimal. However, the tax has to be paid at a branch office of Türkiye Garanti Bankasi or, if an account is entertained with them, through their Internet banking.


4) If vessel is over 30 NRT place "Lighthouse Dues". The Dues have to be paid at a branch office of Türkiye Ziraat Bankasi or, if an account is entertained with them, through their Internet banking.


5) Have your receipts checked at the Harbourmaster’s Office. The Harbourmaster will also print the data you have stored in their base onto the blank form you provide.


6) Complete remaining stamps. Wet stamps and signatures are required.


7) Done.


Agencies will carry out the required procedures for some service fee. I have heard service fees starting with Euro 35 approx, but I heard also about fees in the vicinity of Euro 150 – for the same amount of work. Agency fees are not regulated. Some Marinas have applied for some sort of Agency Code, in the meantime they try to help out informally. This help is presently connived. Other Marinas support their in house agent and their clearance fees are nominal. Recommendations for the time being: Carry a Tonnage Certificate, or a document showing some tonnage value under 11 tons. Compare agency fees if you are compelled to use one. The Chamber of Seatrade may help to some degree, voluntarily and as time permits.



All procedures concerning with entrance into or departure from Turkey, sailing betwen Turkish ports or winter lay up in a Turkish port shall be followed through this certificate and all information contained within shall be taken as basis for future applications. The Certificate consists of Y1, Y2 copies and change pages which can be used when alterations are to be made in the lists of yachtsmen, crew members, trajectories or in case of multiowned yachts; to be used by four alternate owners. It also consists of change pages used for consecutive sailings for one year within Turkish territorial waters and copies to be kept by relevant Authorities during approval.


The Y1 copy of this Certificate should be completed upon entering into Turkey

The Y2 copy of this Certificate should be completed when departing from Turkey, when the ownership of the vessel is changed, when leaving the yacht in winter lay up or when the validity of this certificate expires.


Change pages should be completed whenever changes are to be made to the lists of yachtsmen, to crew members, to the projected trajectory or when to be used by alternate owners of multiowned yachts or in case of consecutive sailings to be made within Turkish territorial waters.


Keep this Certificate on board at all times as it might be requested by relevant Authorites, since it contains all the necessary information about you and your vessel.


This Certificate is valid for one full year on condition that the vessel and the owner/captain stay within Turkish territorial waters throughout the whole period in question.

The Validity of the "Yacht Registration Certificate (Transit Log)

This Certificate is valid for one full year on condition that the vessel and the owner/captain stay within Turkish territorial waters throughout the whole period in question.

Transit log expires :

when the yacht leaves the Turkish Customs Zone

change of ownership of yacht

if lost ( has to be reported to the nearest port or customs patrol administration )


Transit log should be renewed before the expiry date. As the duration is one year, it is very common that people forget about it. Be careful even for one day it will result in monetary penalty.


If it is your plan to cruise and stay at remote bays where there are no authorities it will be wise to renew it earlier.

Renewal is simple.

You will only need to visit offices of Cumtoms Patrol and Habour Master. Your present transit log and boat's registry certificate are required. Registry certificate should be the proof of your ownership. If this is not the case ie ; boat is registered to a company and/or your are the captain then relevant documents certifying your usage rights should also be required.


Change of the yachtmaster does not call for the expiration but has to be recorded in the transit log.

Leaving a foreign flagged yacht in Turkey

For the purpose of winter lay up, maintenance and repairs foreign flagged yachts can only be laid up at yacht harbours or boatyards licenced to that effect by the Ministery of Tourism.


These yachts can not be left at sites belonging to unlicenced persons, organizations or foundations and to their responsible representatives.


When a foreign flagged yacht wishes to lay up at a marina or at a boatyard the authorized operator of the marina will inspect the inventory list appended to the transit log ( Yacht Registration Document ) and will take these yachts into the responsibility of the marina management. A report is issued to the Customs and Customs Patrol administration stating that the subject yacht and its inventory has been passed over to the responsibility of the management.


Foreign flagged yachts can stay in customs bond for a maximum period of two years.

Foreign yachts can stay in Turkish Customs Zone for a period of maximum five years.

Be careful : before leaving for home do not forget to deposit your transit log to the marina management.


The completed Turkish Ports Yacht Registration Document has to be kept ready for inspection at all times on board of the yacht. Should this document be lost, the loss has to be reported to the nearest port or customs patrol administration and will be renewed.


For yachts entering the Turkish Customs Zone by any other means than on own keel the procedures for the Yacht Registration Docuent have to be started at the location where the yacht will be launched for the first time.No further document than the Yacht registration Document are required for the temporary import and for the following of yachts entering the Turkish Customs Zone on her own keel.

Compressors on board will not be sealed.


The Yacht Registration Document cannot be duplicated and utilized by fotocopying or other means of duplication.

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